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" You can read about the famous advertising man, Claude C. Hopkins, in two of his books for under $15. You can hear others teach and talk about Claude Hopkins at high priced marketing seminars costing $5,000 upwards to $25,000... but you can't experience and gain the intimate understanding of this advertising genius until you study his actual ads."

Here's your chance to study the advertising genius of the century...I absolutely guarantee you will love this package.     


Dear Advertising fanatic:

If you're anything like me you love to get your hands on anything that will help you gain an edge in your advertising and marketing efforts.

My name's Michael Senoff. My business is buying and reselling high-end marketing and business-building seminars for pennies on the dollar.

My customers include people from all walks of life who want to learn how to make more money by improving their advertising, copywriting, marketing and selling skills.

Many of my customers include famous marketing gurus you read about on the internet. They come to me because I'm the only person on the planet that has a vast storehouse of old marketing seminars and books. I'm the only place they can get this stuff.

You see I've been a student of marketing and advertising for years and years. I have listened to these seminars over and over again. The thing that intrigues me the most are the legendary stories about Claude Hopkins.... and my customers rave about his work and how it's revolutionized their sales and profits.

there is one name can get them rare or used marketing seminars cheaper than they can get themselves. I know what sells --I know what's good.

Over and over again I have heard the legendary and wonderful stories about Claude Hopkins retold by the speakers in many of the seminars I resell ... and by my customers who rave about his work and how it revolutionized their own sales results and cash flow.

I have read both his books, Scientific Advertising and My Life in Advertising, which I urge you to get.

But those books were not enough for me.

No, I had to have more.

I wanted to see Claude Hopkins' work. I wanted to study and use his headlines for my benefit. I wanted to copy his ads out in my own handwriting. I wanted to use his famous guarantee in my marketing promotions. I wanted to suck out every last marketing principle I could learn from this man who started the whole field of scientific advertising!

I wanted him to be my personal mentor, but I needed his original ads to do this.

So I did something about it.


Five truckloads later I had my Hopkins collection

First, I tracked down the dates of when and where Claude Hopkins worked.

With the help of an archival historian, I then researched and located, preserved and purchased the world's largest collection of original Claude Hopkins ads.

With the amount of time, money and effort I put into this search, it will be impossible  for anyone to duplicate this rare collection.

That’s how I am able to bring you this priceless offer of original Claude Hopkins advertisements word-for-word and picture-for-picture, just as they were published, so that you, too, can learn from them how to increase your sales and marketing effectiveness.

After collecting the ads from all sorts of sources, I then hired Bill Bodri, a marketing specialist out of New York, to craft specific lessons and match them to the ads.

These lessons will lead you through Claude Hopkins' work while updating you on the most modern teachings of Jay Abraham, David Ogilvy, Dan Kennedy, Gary Halbert, Ted Nicholas, Joe Sugarman, Jeff Paul, Bill Myers, Yanik Silver, Roy Williams, Brian Tracy, Denny Hatch, Michael Masterson, Bill Bonner, Joe Vitale and other marketing gurus who would charge you thousands of dollars for their seminars.

Having listened to just about every seminar I sell, I can honestly say you would be hard pressed to find a better synopsis of ready-to-use marketing, advertising, copywriting and persuasion lessons, illustrated with Claude Hopkins' own writings and ads, than what Bill has put together here. Instead of paying for $5,000 or $10,000 or $25,000 seminars, in one stop you can learn all the major marketing principles and "To Do" steps from those expensive courses just by getting this rare collection of ads and lessons. I've even included a sample lesson below.

We believe this collection is the most efficient way for you to learn Claude Hopkins’ principles as well as how to use them in your own marketing and advertising promotions.

You will have an entire collection of Claude Hopkins ads and a course on how to incorporate these principles -- that have made people MILLIONS -- into your own marketing campaigns!

Together we have created something for you that will help you make more money! Gobs more money!!

Imagine, minutes from now you can increase your business earning capacity

You now have before you over sixty of the Claude Hopkins original ads that I have compiled based on Claude Hopkins’ classic books, My Life in Advertising and Scientific Advertising. You'll have many of the actual ads Claude Hopkins wrote (that he described in his books) for companies like:

  • Dr. Shoop's Restorative
  • Schlitz Beer
  • Liquozone
  • Van Camps Pork and Beans
  • Overland, Reo, Studebaker, Mitchell, and Hudson Automobiles
  • Goodyear Tires
  • Palmolive Soap
  • Quaker Oats
  • Pepsodent Toothpaste
  • Lord and Thomas

As an example, Claude Hopkins' involvement in advertising Schlitz beer is probably one of the most often told marketing stories. It is the story of "preemptive marketing" that Jay Abraham likes to stress.

Here is just one lesson from the course I'll illustrate with only one of the seven Schlitz ads Hopkins wrote, that I have collected and have waiting for you:

Preemptive marketing occurs when you take some behind-the-scenes feature or benefit of your product or business -- something that your industry universally uses or does as a standard practice -- and make it a central feature of your advertising campaign and marketing message.

A preemptive marketing campaign contains information that's common knowledge to everyone in the industry, but if you educate your customers by tellind them that you do such-and-such before anyone else spills the beans, the public will focus on you rather than on your competitors.

They'll perceive you as a leader in the industry.

Use only the "Hopkins Schlitz Beer tactic" and you'll leave your competitors eating your dust and gasping for air

The Schlitz beer story is famous for illustrating this.

When Claude Hopkins was called in to help Schlitz beer increase its market-share, each beer manufacturer was claiming that customers should drink their beer because it was "pure beer." The problem was, nobody knew what exactly "pure beer" was. Sure they knew what "pure" meant, but what exactly was "pure beer"?

Hopkins visited the Schlitz manufacturing plant where he was shown the beer making process. The Schlitz process was not unique -- all the other beer manufacturers made beer in the same way. But, Claude Hopkins, like anyone who'd never seen the process, was amazed at seeing these details for the first time.

The water for the Schlitz plant came from 4,000-foot deep artesian wells, which guaranteed its purity. Special wood pulp filters took out all the impurities of the brewed liquid. Special rooms were filled with filtered air so that the beer could be cooled without impurities. Pumps and pipes were cleaned twice daily to avoid contamination. The glass beer bottles were even steam cleaned four times before being used!

Hopkins was fascinated by both the complexity and quality standards of the whole process. He asked the Schlitz executives why they didn't tell people about all these things they did to make their beer so pure. The Schlitz executives replied that they didn't think it was important because every beer manufacturer made beer the same way.

Hopkins countered, "Yes, but the others have never told this story," and went on to create an advertising campaign that explained every step Schlitz took to make their beer so pure. We've included several Schlitz ads so that you can see how he started to include these facts in its advertising. You might want to pay particular attention to the ad, "Perfection of 50 years."

Every beer manufacturer essentially made beer the same way, but Schlitz was the first to explain the process of creating a pure brew and, by doing so, claimed a "preemptive marketing advantage" over its competitors.

After Schlitz said it, not a single competitor dared tout the same processes because no one wanted to look like a Schlitz copycat. Schlitz did pretty much what every other beer manufacturer did but it was the first to tell the full story, and that preemptive advertising won it new customers.

Because it educated its market in this way, Schlitz beer gradually rose from fifth place to a tie for first place in market-share, and it was all because Hopkins took the role of educating the consumer. In My Life in Advertising, he wrote:

This is a situation which occurs in most advertising problems. The product is not unique. It embodies no great advantages. Perhaps countless people can make similar products. But tell the pains you take to excel. Tell factors and features which others deem too commonplace to claim. Your product will come to typify those excellencies. If others claim them afterward, it will only serve to advertise you. There are few advertised products which cannot be imitated. Few who dominate a field have any exclusive advantage. They were simply the first to tell certain convincing facts.

The question you must ask yourself is whether there are any features of your business, products or services that you can advertise in a preemptive fashion. If you're the first to claim something before everyone else, you'll most likely gain the preemptive advantage because your competitors might be hesitant to claim, "We do that, too!"

The lesson to learn from Hopkins' approach is to educate your customer. Tell them all the pains you take to make your product supreme. Tell them how many vendors you source from, what you do to maintain quality control, how you searched for years to find the right processes and materials and how you constantly train and retrain your staff to service their needs.

Tell them everything you do -- all the pains you take on their behalf -- in order to offer them a superior product or service.

This is what wins converts!

Customers want to know what you're doing for them. They want to know you are looking out for them and that you are on their side. The more you tell them about the efforts you undertake on their behalf, the more they'll trust you and believe in the quality of your product.

That's what increases sales, so consider preemptive and educational advertising in your campaigns.


As you can see, each of the ads in this collection is a masterpiece and lesson in advertising on its own.

On most, you can zoom in and read every word or you can can blow them up as large as you want. We're even including a transcript of every single ad so that you can read or cut, clip and paste sections from each and every page.

With this trio of tools, you'll be able to go back in time to see the most effective designs and layouts Hopkins used and read each print ad just as if you had lived in the early 1900s.

Claude Hopkins wrote,

"The uninformed would be staggered to know the amount of work involved in a single ad. Weeks of work sometimes. The ad seems so simple, and it must be simple to appeal to simple people. But behind that ad lie reams of data, volumes of information and months of research. This is no lazy man's field."

All the modern giants of advertising still swear by Claude Hopkins' work. David Ogilvy even claimed it changed his life. Others, such as Jay Abraham, have made their fortunes by studying Claude Hopkins, reading his books over and over again and applying his principles wherever possible.

Yet none of these individuals ever saw the original Hopkins ads!


Copy, steal, and model from Hopkins' best winning ads swipe file

You now have the opportunity of gaining an unfair advantage in your marketing abilities because these marketing gurus never had the chance to read and study the actual ads Hopkins wrote.

Want to know my biggest secret about marketing? From studying all these gurus and the information they give out, I can tell you that every marketing promotion, advertisement, and business concept in the market today has in some way been done before, and Claude Hopkins originated many of them. That's why the gurus turn to him again and again and continually sing his praises.

You have got to be crazy to create a "from scratch" marketing promotion, campaign, advertisement, mailing or web site without referencing Claude Hopkins' work.

Save months of your life and explode your profits by borrowing the techniques and sales lines Hopkins used by looking directly at his original work that he tested over and over again. Instead of just reading about it, you will see it for yourself when you grab this course. You can change the words of almost any ad and start using them for your own business, service or product.

Claude Hopkins' work is amazing in both its simplicity and its direct approach. There’s no doubt that you can learn from just his style of writing alone. You'll marvel at the simplicity of it. You'll see the short sentences he used and understand the appeals he structured. You'll recognize that these ads can be run just as effectively today because human nature hasn't changed.

You'll see how to immediately apply his lessons to any website or sales letter.

Remember, everyone talks about testing, and this is the Father of scientific advertising we're talking about ... the man who first promoted the idea of testing ads, offers, headlines, prices, coupons and all sorts of other marketing techniques.

This collection of ads is packed with information useful to anyone interested in writing better yellow page ads, web sites, e-mail correspondence or direct marketing sales copy.

If you own a website, for instance, the strategies revealed within this course (such as risk free guarantees, testing measurements, credibility grabbers, and so forth) are universally known to increase website conversion rates when you apply them.

All these ideas came from Claude Hopkins!

Whether you are an individual considering a career in advertising, a student of psychology, a copywriting cub, or a business person trying to figure out how best to market your product or increase its sales, I sincerely advise you to start with Claude Hopkins’ teachings and only then move on to the rest.

Claude Hopkins is so important to the fields of advertising, salesmanship, marketing, copywriting and persuasion that we can say, "All advertising and marketing after Claude Hopkins flows out of him."

If you are in the profession of marketing, advertising and sales and Claude Hopkins material isn't on your bookshelf dog-eared, stained and well-worn, then you've been missing out on the best teacher of all time.


How to get your advanced degree in salesmanship and marketing waiting for you in this collection


Now you can have the very ads that go with his books, My Life in Advertising and Scientific Advertising, and a short set of marketing lessons that update his materials for today.

These Claude Hopkins ads are rare.

These Claude Hopkins ads are valuable.

Any one of them can be the catalyst to change the effectiveness of your marketing and advertising forever.

If more sales is what you want, or an easier way to make sales or a more virtuous way to make sales, you will find the strategies to help you do this in this course

Just take a look at what other marketing professionals had to say:

"The classic ads are excellent and a resource no marketer should be without. Thanks again for these extra marketing gems" -- Keith Needham, United Kingdom

This stuff is pure gold for anyone who needs to write an ad or sales letter! With only minor updating many of these great ads would, no doubt, still work today! Thanks again" -- Bartley Jones, Bartley Jones Copywriting

"Michael's collection of Classic Advertisements are some of the very best Ads ever created. Pluck out a few nuggets for your own Advertising program, and watch sales take off. To unscramble what works in the Ad game, it just doesn't get any easier than this. Michael has done a masterful job of compiling this awesome collection." Darryl Ruff

"The ads are very good. And they are varied enough that you could find one that could be the basis of many new ads for many different kinds of products or services. Looking forward to the next 100."
Tom Darcy

"... As you know Dan Kennedy in his milestone book "The Ultimate Sales Letter" states, "If an ad sold a product 20 or 30 years ago, with only minor word changes it will sell today!" I reviewed your "Classic Ads" and they are solid gold, sure to please any copywriter looking for a great lead-in for their product description and sales letters." Mike

"Thank you for gathering this collection of old ads. Dan Kennedy, Jeff Paul, Gary Halbert and others preach to study the "classics." You have made that job much, much, much simpler by hand picking the greatest Direct Sales ads ever." Rick Allen


Finally, you have a simple but comprehensive course that will help you incorporate Claude Hopkins’ principles into your sales efforts. In this course you'll own over 60 of Claude Hopkins' most famous ads and will learn:

  • How to run risk-free guarantee offers to double or even triple your sales without worrying about product returns
  • How to create preemptive marketing campaigns that make you #1 in the market even though your product or service isn't any different than everyone else's
  • How to avoid wasting your money on ineffective institutional advertising
  • How to test advertisement headlines to maximize an ad's effectiveness to get the most sales possible
  • Why you should think of offering service to your customers rather than focusing on selling them in order to actually increase your sales
  • When to offer loss leaders as a way to increase your business just as grocery stores do
  • Why you should always be educating your customers about your products and services in order to make them lifetime buyers
  • Why and when you should dare your customers to try someone else
  • How to properly name your products so that customers think of you first
  • Why emphasizing benefits is more important than features in advertising
  • How to give your product a memorable "persona" to differentiate it from competitors
  • How to find the right psychological appeal for selling your goods
  • Why TESTING and measurement are the two principles every marketer should rely on to get better and better at selling their goods ... and how to do it to eliminate the uncertainty of advertising results
  • How to determine which new products you should create so that you don't waste your time and energies creating something customers don't want
  • How to establish instant credibility by communicating the reasons why you can be believed
  • How long you should continue running an advertising campaign

When you order today, we will we send you this rare collection of Claude Hopkins ads, and you will also receive the following six bonuses.

BONUS #1 Put away your glasses ad images.

You'll get all the images of the ads in a separate folder to study up-close. Pick apart every word. Scrutinize the adjectives used. Emulate the offer in each ad. Read every word! Immediately apply what you find and use it in your own offers.

BONUS #2 Typed and formatted transcripts of all 60 Hopkins ads.

You get the transcripts of each ad in this collection. Once you read the words of Claude Hopkins, you'll want to use them for your benefit. Typing and transcribing these ads are time consuming and a hassle. We've spent several hundred dollars to transcribe each ad in its entirety so you can use them as you wish. Find a section you like in an ad, highlight it, copy, paste and modify the words to fit your product or service. Claude's words live! They are as applicable today as they were when he wrote them ... even moreso since he has a fresh, direct, no-nonsense approach that grips you. Put Claude on your staff and bring life profits back into your losing promotions.

BONUS #3 The 1903 dead-man's manuscript.

Here's the story about a rare advertising manuscript. Wait till you get your greedy little hands on this. It's a rare manuscript by Claude Hopkins' arch enemy and number one rival, J. Walter Thompson. In this 1903 rare 57-page advertising manuscript , you’ll learn J. Walter Thompson’s teachings on the cardinal principles of advertising, marketing and salesmanship. Every lesson and word are still applicable today.

You'll learn how The Lord & Thomas advertising agency and the J. Walter Thompson agency were extreme rivals during Claude Hopkins’ day. You'll compare what Claude Hopkins' teaches and what J. Walter Thompson was doing during this bitter rivalry. You'll have the inside tactics on how both competitors approached challenges of marketing and advertising goods and services in the early 1900s. There's nowhere else you'll be able to find this gem. In my opinion, the skill with which these two leading agencies were doing advertising a century ago is better than any time in history. Once you dive into the secrets in this manuscript, you'll know why. (a $59 value)

BONUS #4  647 secret ad swipe file.

You'll also receive a 12-month Special Membership to my new and exclusive web site on hard to find ads containing the most effective classic ads from the largest circulated publications during the1950-1960 era (most are over 50 years old). These are the ads used by The Wall Street Journal, Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, General Electric, Ivory Soap, Kellogg’s Rice Krispies, American Express Travelers Cheques, New York Stock Exchange, Quaker Oats, Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, Motorola, The Sugar Information Inc., Green Giant Company, Postum by General Foods Corp., Reynolds Wrap, Beltone Hearing Aid Company, Listerine mouthwash, and many other companies ... BEFORE they fell into the trap of "Image Advertising."

Every ad was selected for this collection only if it satisfied all 5 of the following criteria: it had a powerful headline, compelling copy, was written in editorial style, featured a classic product still around today and was a pure example of "salesmanship in print." (a $297 value) Click here to see three samples

I created this additional web site for my personal use to study great marketing ads, and to access a huge bank of killer ads and headline ideas. Now this extra collection of classic ads can be your own personal digital swipe file that you get for FREE when you order this course.

I may stop this bonus altogether at any time because -- in all honestly -- I currently sell a one year membership to parts of this site for $297.00, and the comments I get back are that it's worth more money than you can possibly imagine. A single ad can not only save you hundred if not thousands of dollars in copywriting fees, but when you use it as a model for your own ads it can send your sales conversions through the roof!

BONUS #5  Your ears will burn with excitement.

Claude Hopkins worked for Albert Lasker, owner of the Lord and Thomas advertising agency, which pioneered radio advertising and created some of the first instances of "salesmanship on the air." Lord and Thomas placed nearly half of all national radio advertising on NBC in 1927-28 and in the first four years of radio network operation purchased an astounding 30 percent of all national network time. It created shows for RCA, Cities Services, Pepsodent, Palmolive and yet other accounts Hopkins worked on. Albert Lasker experimented with many radio approaches (he introduced Bob Hope and Amos 'n' Andy to the airwaves, was the first to introduce a daily radio contest, and promoted Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra and others) but initially insisted on using the same "Reason Why" tone and spirit that permeated Hopkins' copy.

Play sample here

When you invest in the Claude Hopkins Rare Ad Collection and Marketing Study Guide, you not only will be able to see the long lost Claude Hopkins print ads, but will be able to hear over 101 extremely rare audio recordings of these early forays into radio advertising that sometimes used the Claude Hopkins copy! (a $119 value)

BONUS #6  The greatest speech on copywriting ever.

One of the best known direct mail advertising practitioners of all times is Eugene Schwartz, who wrote the hard to find classic Breakthrough Advertising. Search the web and you can find a reprint of this classic for $95. As part of your bonuses, we've found a very rare speech by Eugene Schwartz on his years of experience in advertising and copywriting. He will teach you all the lessons he has learned about what you need to do to write heart-stopping copy. Here's the kicker. We've even hired a studio actor to make an audio recording of this speech. When you order the Claude Hopkins material, you'll also be able to sit back and listen to these lessons just as if Eugene was talking to you alone. To know more about this fascinating bonus, click here (How can I put a value on a lifetime of winning copywriting advice?) Play short clip from the full 88 minute recording below.


You better snatch this deal quickly, because I reserve the right to stop these bonuses at any time. My other paying customers may even demand it!

So what are you waiting for?

If you had all the money in the world, you could not pay a man alive today to match the worth, the experience, the insight, and the talent of Claude  Hopkins. And now you are one click away from having the final product from two lifetimes of his work (Claude claims to have worked twice the hours of other men in his field)  You get all this for a one time investment that can bring you returns month after month and year after year for only $99.

I tell my clients all the time that the most expensive thing you can do is to try and save money on an inexpensive copywriter.  You now have before you the teachings and ads of the father of modern, scientific, tested advertising copy. As the marketing gurus say, there is no one better than Claude Hopkins. Here's your chance to see and study over 60 of his best winning ads.

If you want to benefit from Claude Hopkins' work and learn how to cut advertising costs by avoiding common advertising mistakes, how to know what type of marketing will produce the best results, how to eliminate the uncertainty of your advertising returns, how to "test to grow rich" and learn the secrets of magnetic copywriting, then


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 Yes! Michael, I want to increase my sales literally overnight, stomp on my nasty competition, dominate my market, and write more effective sales letters and ads forevermore by using the templates and literally copying and then adapting the materials found in "The Claude Hopkins Rare Ad Collection and Marketing Study Guide".

I understand my onetime investment is only $99, and I get five extremely rare bonuses including all 60+ Hopkins print ads in ready to use file format, a master Swipe File of over 647 rare ads, the J. Walter Thompson Advertising manual, rare early radio advertisement audio recordings, and the best speech ever on the subject of copywriting ... the Eugene Schwartz copywriting speech on audio.

I understand each of these bonuses is worth the price of the Hopkins Rare Ad Collection and Study Guide alone.

I also understand that my order is guaranteed unconditionally! If I am dissatisfied in any way over the next 30 days ... for any reason whatsoever, I can ask for a full, 100%, no questions asked money-back GUARANTEE ... and my refund request will be honored instantly.

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